China Diary

Day 216: Shuffling on

So there I am, back at editing. The process is ever-so-painful since the editor doesn’t speak any English, so I have to work through a translator. Now that my regular translator/production assistant Tanya is at a maternity leave, I work with Rebecca – or Ma Kun – who is actually a casting director, not really hired to be my assistant, but I guess they dragged whomever they can who speaks English. The good thing is, she’s actually really interested in editing and has a good intention to this, and most importantly, she’s actually interested in the end result. So the work turned out to be really fruitful and productive, and I snipped, nipped, tucked and twisted the cut quite a bit, finishing the day by shuffling most of the scenes in the beginning into a completely new order, crossing my fingers it would work.

Later, we went for a dinner with Rebecca to a close by local Chinese place where I’ve been going since how long, but never really knew HOW to order their special dish, a kind of delicious Chinese wrap I had only once, many months ago. So it was nice to have someone around who actually knew how to get that stuff.

We had a nice talk and dinner, after which I headed back home and tried sleeping, failing yet again until early morning hours.

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