China Diary

Day 217: A visitor from Finland

Good news is, Tuomas is here. That’s Tuomas Kantelinen, my composer. He decided to quit fiddling around in Finland and instead booked flights and hotels in Beijing and flew over, hauling half of his studio with him, although they didn’t allow him to bring the 47-kilogram synthesizer with him.

He set up his studio into his room at the center of Beijing, and the intention is that I will shuttle between Jiabo office, VHQ office and his hotel room the next two weeks working on VFX, music and edit, all simultaneously.

Tuomas in his hotel room studio
Hutong rooftops

The day we spent editing at Jiabo, and headed in the evening to the town. I had decided to go out no matter what to have a beer and enjoy a night out, since Sunday would be mostly day off for me, so with Chris me and Tuomas headed for a Lebanese dinner in the center of the city, after which Chris took us to the hutongs, where we spent much of the evening. We walked around the dark alleys and eventually ended up into a rooftop terrace having a beer and chatting this and that, of life, love and work.

Iron Sky cow?

In the night I ended up wandering around Sanlitun area, dropping by at one bar and realizing there’s nothing there for me, so I went home, tuned in for some Finnish evergreen music and watched YouTube videos most of the night until I finally caught some sleep.

Beijing CBD area at 4:30am. Not much going on around…

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