China Diary

Day 222: All bullshit, moving on…

35 degrees of celsius during the day here in Beijing, it’s truly steaming hot out there. Luckily, I only have to step in a car, get whisked to a nice cool office and only emerge after sundown – to yet another car, then well-air-conditioned luxury hotel, and only walk the streets at night, but even then it’s way above 25 degrees.

This is Seven. 

Funny enough, my sleeping is only getting worse. I managed to go to bed at 10am this morning, not a minute earlier. The night went past by watching The Americans and talking to Annika – we do these marathon Whatsapp calls, if VPN allows, and speak probably more than we would if we were face to face.

I hate the fact that I’m not much of a writer. I wish I was. Watching the show makes me feel like I could easily write all that, and then when I get all inspired, pull up my Final Draft, only shit comes out. I’ve never written a full script in my life – I mean, a full feature film script, shorter things for sure but I just can’t get the story flowing. I have one script that’s really written all by me, and it’s at page 13 and actually reads very well. All I need is another 100 pages and I’d have my first feature script.

But maybe I’ll make that my goal: by 40, I’ve written one full script. A bad one, mind you, but at least I’ve done the job. From the scratch to the bitter end.

Work at VHQ is getting tedious. I don’t know what else there is to do than go through the film shot by shot and explain – once more – what the shots are going to be like. Chris is also bored at it, he’s mostly on his phone going through things for the millionth time, but we kinda have to do that.

Then, off to work with Tuomas. The hotel he’s staying it is a fancy one. Altogether, working with him is an adventure. He’s a great creator when he puts his mind to it, but sometimes his mind jumps to million places and if he’s not playing ping-pong, he’s assassinating people with an umbrella or dancing around the room, and then back to work. It’s fun for few hours, but I must say I’m used to maybe more calm work, it’s sometimes hard to follow his moods and feelings. But when he works, he’s terrific.

I’ve missed the gym now two days because of my sleep schedule. 10am-3pm is not a good sleep cycle, since after that I go to work from 3:30-22:00 and coming back home the gym is already closed. I’m starting to feel like a worthless slob…

As you probably can deduct from all this: it’s pretty damn boring here. No sleep and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Oh, and it doesn’t help that everyone’s in Cannes right now. I mean, it kinda helps. I’ve been going there for the last 11 years in a row, acting all important with my projects but truth be told, it’s bullshit the whole festival, and I’m not missing it one bit. All the same people with same projects in the same street corners, cafes and bars doing talking about exactly same stuff, plus you end up losing 1000€ every time, no matter how hard you try to pinch your wallet. But really, the self-importance of everyone there… “ooh, I’m In Cannes, I have so much to do, ooh so important projects and meetings, ooh sorry gotta go are you going to the boat party today ooh i don’t know maybe i go home ooh i hate this festival blaa blaa blaa blaaa-di-daa-didaa-di-daa. Same shit, different year.

At least I’m doing something here in Beijing, instead of just soaking my brain with rose and bullshit.

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