China Diary

Day 226: Heading back home

Ah well, wrapped this leg of the production in Beijing again, and now I’m homeward bound, flying 10 kilometers over Central Russia, just passing over the town of Kodinsk. Did you know that Kodinks was established in 1977 as a settlement servicing the construction of a hydroelectric power station, with population close to 15000? I didn’t. But it’s crazy. Flying over Russia, it’s just insane. The country is so big, full of so much unknown little towns, huge cities and endless forest stretching everywhere.

I’ve started to read a really interesting book, one called One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. I grabbed it on my Kindle as a recommendation for a read to understand a bit about the life in the Soviet Union, and this one is about a day in the life of one person in the gulags somewhere in the middle of the huge mother Russia. Written in a deadpan style, it’s both hilarious and scary at the same time, and very damn educative.

I finished my job in Beijing few days earlier than anticipated, and didn’t really feel like sticking around as there was nothing, really nothing for me to do there anymore. On the last day we sat down with Chris and went through all the remaining shots, solving some of the biggest issues we still had with the visual effects, and then agreed that we would continue the work online over Cinesync sessions.

I don’t know yet when I’m going back to Beijing, to be honest, but if things progress the way I suspect they might, it could be late September, early October, but let’s see what the future holds. Nevertheless, despite the massive sleeping issues I had, it actually was a pretty good trip and worth doing. Now, my next adventures take me to Japan, where we will be promoting the release of Iron Sky The Coming Race, after which we’re moving with Annika and then, well, I don’t really know yet!

Anyway, this story continues when I come back to Beijing next time, whenever that is – until then, have a wonderful summer dear readers!

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