When Finns greet each others, they say “terve!”. It means – “healthy”, and it’s an ages-old tradition, coming probably from “terveeksi” and “terveydeksi” – to your health! These days it means mostly “hi”, although “terve” has a bit more formal ring to it – it’s the most appropriate way to greet the older people – to wish them good health.

I think it’s quite a nice tradition, and hope that during the Corona epidemics, it would find its’ way to youth vocabulary as well, but in a statement telling your approximate health to the person you meet. So, in the future when we see each others, we say “terve” – “healthy”, claiming that we are good for approaching, shaking hand or whatever it is in the future we do when we meet each other.

Well, that’s the deepest thought I have had the entire day. Mostly, I’ve been trying to figure out my home studio setup for podcasts. Now, my son’s room is full of random video gear and I did manage to do one YouTube stream but I had no idea what it was actually doing. Luckily, some friends online told it seemed pretty fine, so my dreams of becoming the next Joe Rogan are one step closer to reality. Many more steps to follow, though.

Anyway, I’ve been healthy, been going outdoors (not among people but by myself) for walks, runs and training, which is good as it keeps the mind active and body healthy. I find myself enjoying sauna more, watching more TV, eating (and drinking) a bit more unhealthy and watching my overall state of health a bit more intensively.


It’s interesting to see how the politics work these days. The opposition, who is in no kind of charge of things that are going on in the country at the moment try to seize the moment by pressing hard-line restrictions. We all know those restrictions might very well be coming, but those losers like Petteri Orpo and the True Finns party try tagging them first, and when they get implemented (after health professionals, scientists and politicians who actually make the call), they say “I’m happy they followed *my* predictions”, and after this all blows over, they’ll keep tooting their horn how they were right all along. It’s like calling “first” on comments field, and just as admirable.


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