Walls Closing In

Some companies and for example film productions here in Finland still keep operating like nothing’s different and their business is above everyone else’s safety and health, which I think kinda sucks. Everyone knows that if you stick an office full of workers on a daily basis (while the key operatives of the company are doing work from out of home in the meanwhile), or stuff 40-50 people in a hot room that’s full of camera equipment, sweat and way too little space to move about without touching each other is exactly what the government has been telling us not to do. Not everything needs to have a governmental shutdown order, we’re still free to use our own fucking heads here, people…

Anyway, I’m just ranting since I’m stuck here at home and it’s getting pretty shitty I must say. It’s the little things that start to annoy: why does that PS4 have to be so damn loud. Nope, I don’t want to do the dishes exactly now, I’ll do them when I feel like it. Nope, I don’t want to watch that show, let’s watch this movie instead. When your living environment subsides, the small things become extremely relevant, and vice versa – simultaneously, I find myself caring less and less about international politics, and more if my damn bike I just bought is gonna make it to the store before they close it, or do I have to wait for the quarantine measures to ease up to get it eventually one day – possibly not before the end of summer.

And really, it’s just been, what, two weeks? Something like that. I have to plop my head out of my ass and see the world for what it is.

Greetings from the Quarantine

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