China Diary

Day 175: Sorting Through The Feedback

Ah, the glamour of filmmaking. Our edit suite is quite a fancy one, right?

After the initial screening and first round of feedback, we crawled back to our edit room and started going through the notes. I had written a good handful of notes myself, that look like this:

  • (SCENE NAME) is too long. Let’s get it out faster.
  • (CHARACTER NAME) introduction is not interesting enough, his personality doesn’t come through.
  • (SCENE NAME) beginning is a little bit of a stumble.
  • (SCENE NAME) is probably in the right place; rather long, though. Wonder if we can shorten it somehow?

In addition to this, Max had made his notes, in Chinese, which were then translated and sent out to me. Pretty much we agreed on most of the things, save maybe few things on which I believe to be important he thought not so much, and vice versa. But still, pretty good and consistent feedback which will help to make the film better for sure. The important stuff was that we both were willing to give up some scenes we might’ve thought having been very central to the story, but in the edit didn’t really bring anything we would’ve missed.

Well, at least we have some cool stuff to throw to the extended cut we’ll put out on a DVD later on.

Other than that, that was mostly it for the day. I had caught something that felt like a slight brush of flu, although I mostly blame the pollution out there, so I headed home and basically crashed at 7pm, waking up not before 4:30 am.

Mrs. Fang editing.

Video of the day!

Back in October, I tortured my driver by blasting Type O Negative loud and clear as we drove across the city between shooting locations and hotel.

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