China Diary

Day 202: Balancing

Clip clip clippety clip, snip snip snippety snip; take that scene out, put that scene back in; remove that character, add that character… It’s really all about only one thing, and that thing is “balance”. Easy mistakes to make when making a film is you overcharge it with information in the front, and then make it all about action in the end. It’s also easy to write too many characters in, characters you later realize you don’t need, but find hard time getting rid of.

But the golden rule of editing still applies: you can basically do anything you want in the edit. Only thing you can’t do is change the essence of the story you have. What you shoot is what you have on the screen, and that can’t be altered or tweaked too much, or you end up with a bucket full of plastic.

We started our Monday in the afternoon, as I returned with some videos I had edited for temp use during the night, and inserted them into the cut. Then, we went through the film in great detail, adjusting scenes, until at 6 pm we called it a night. As my knee was truly killing me, I didn’t feel like heading out too far for dinner, so I wobbled back to this big restaurant close by, one where nobody speaks any English, and enjoyed some sizzling egg plant.

That place has one annoying feature: a huge fish tank which’s heating or water filter engine or whatever seems to be slightly broken, so there’s this headache-like high pitched whine constantly in the background that’s slowly creeping into your backbone and resonating through your skull, making your ears bleed internally. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough…

Again, sorry, no picture. I just don’t live a very pictoresque life on this trip I can see…

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