China Diary

Day 203: About done

We decided that on Wednesday we’ll screen the film to Max, so Tuesday was our last practical working day. Knowing the time is tight, we started to slam through the cut, make fast cuts and slices through the film until it was already 6 pm, and we were both feeling fluffy and headache-ish. Mrs. Fang didn’t feel too good in the end of the day, and we were still not done, so we decided to call it a day. Actually, for mrs. Fang, it was the wrap – she would start another movie the day after and this was her last day at work for us. It’s hard to let good people go, but that’s the nature of the business. I thanked her thoroughly and we agreed to do the last adjustments the next day with our assistant editor.

Mr. Zhu, our line producer, invited me and Tanya and one other person for some great hot pot a short walk away. We donned up in our winter clothes, since Beijing is really cold these days, and walked in the brisk evening air a bit, finding ourselves in a nice, new hot pot place. I’m still contemplating that if I had money, I’d set up a hot pot restaurant chain in Finland, it’s just such a great way to enjoy your dinner. I let go of my vegetarianism for the evening and enjoyed huge slices of fresh, red meat dipped in boiling, spicy water and sesame sauce. It’s heaven, I tell you.


We finished the dinner and I was still aching for a quick night cap, so I drifted to the good, old trustworthy Moli, which was empty as usual. I sat by the bar, had a bourbon and chatted with some people back in Finland, then headed back home.


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