China Diary

Day 218: Maestro At Work

It was 3pm when I finally dragged my ass out of the bed. Shower, dress up and head over to Sanlitun for some music work with Tuomas. We grabbed some lunch at a small cafe close by, and then went for it.

It’s always amazing to see Tuomas work. He’s super fast, really creative and unlike nobody when he’s deep in the zone. He can be blabbering on about nothing, making weird noises and sounds and jumping around the room like a madman, and then suddenly fall silent, grab the keyboard and compose the most beautiful, amazing piece of music on the fly, without moment’s hesitation.

Maestro at work

He’s also extremely receptive for notes, but I learned to let him work as much as possible by himself, and only tuck him to right direction every now and then. The more involved a director gets, the less it becomes the musicians’ work, and while sometimes it’s necessary, most of the times it’s best to let them do their craft and just nod and smile in the corner of the room.

We worked for some good three to four hours, and then I headed back home. I went to the gym for some 5km rowing and then headed to bed, falling asleep around midnight… only to wake up at 3am again. So, it seems there’s no way of fixing the rhythm on this trip, no matter what I do. So maybe I just succumb to the fact and try to live the nocturnal lifestyle. At least I have time to catch up with my emails, blogging and stuff…

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