China Diary

Day 220: Who keeps company with the wolves…

I’m getting a hang of the Chinese habits again: I’m becoming more rude in the restaurants – shouting for service is perfectly OK here. I burp – if there are gases in my body, they need to be let out. And I push my way through – if that’s where I need to go, there’s no need letting others get there first. All of this is completely fine by Chinese standards, but I must – repeat, MUST – remember to unlearn this stuff when I eventually head back to Europe.

Today was a long, frustrating and dull day, yet another spent in my hotel room waiting for the night to pass so I could get some sleep during the morning and afternoon. After eventually dragging myself out of the bed at 3pm, I headed for the gym for a quick workout, then out of the door and into the streets looking for some food. I ended up choosing a bowl of noodles in a close-by restaurant – not the one I used to frequent before, which had gone under, unfortunately, but another place.

Then there was a meeting with Max. As expected, after four days of editing, 2/3 of my suggestions were thrown out of the window, but hey, at least 1/3 stuck, so I’m OK with it. Not a bad result, I’d say. We had a long and loud discussion about some of the changes, and eventually made up and headed for the hot pot across the street. Tuomas joined us, too. He usually stays in the Sanlitun area in Beijing, so he doesn’t really have any idea about the real Beijing food, so for him, the hot-pots and what-nots are exotic and new.

But yeah, that was it. Day in, day out.

Max, smiling over hot pot dinner


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